Date: 2010-02-19 09:43 am (UTC)
Cheslav waited outside, feeling the chill at the back of his neck.

Time passed. He began to wonder if no one was home to hear the doorbell, or everyone who was home had retired early for the evening. Either would be unusual, especially if there were no maid or butler or some domestic on duty to see to such chores. The Isaevs were that way.

He was reaching for his lockpicks when he finally heard footsteps, quiet bootstrikes on a wood floor.

A light flickered to life above the door, then Cheslav heard the turn of a deadbolt.

The door opened inward to reveal a young man in Ministry uniform.

Cheslav studied him. This was not Aleksandr's oldest boy, he saw. Aleksandr's son favored his father, with the same pale hair and lean, refined features.

This boy was blond, but any resemblance ended there. His hair was gold, rather than the Isaev platinum, worn long and lush, not cropped sleekly against his skull.

His eyes had a low-lidded, almost drowsy cast, and his mouth curved generously even when he was not smiling. His tie was loosened and he wore no cap, though his uniform was neat and presentable. Most likely a lower-ranking junior officer tasked with keeping an eye on the estate for the evening.

Some might think the boy too young to be wearing Ministry grey, but Cheslav approved.

The boy studied Cheslav in turn, his expression polite and composed. Chelsav thought he looked familiar.

Cheslav nodded to him, politely enough.

"I'm here to see Aleksandr," he said in a low rumbling tone, after a pause. "I'm...a friend."
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