Date: 2010-02-20 10:21 pm (UTC)
Cheslav stared at him.

He felt something twinge in his chest, tightening and loosening at once.

"Every father needs a good son," he said, his voice hushed.

He looked the young MENT in the eyes as he said it, held his gaze with penetrating intent, searching. Affirming. The young MENT stared back, unblinking, holding his own.

Cheslav imagined that Aleksandr loved this boy just like a son, in turn.

He reached out and clasped the young MENT on the shoulder firmly, a little too hard for someone he didn't know, but then again, that was how it was with the Isaevs.

Once a person had been drawn into their inner circle, he became so familiar with the anatomy of their dealings that he could recognize how all the parts must fit together, even if he had never laid eyes on a particular part before.

That was how the young blond MENT had known him. And now, Cheslav knew him in turn.

"Listen...your Sanya's my friend, and has been for quite a while. I'll go up to talk to him. I'll take care of him. I'll get him straightened out."

It was funny to hear the name 'Sanya' pass his own lips. Cheslav called Aleksandr 'Shurik' because no one else did.

He paused, squeezing the young man's shoulder before releasing him. Cheslav reached into his pocket and pulled out a heavy fold of bills.

"Let me talk to Ilarion now. I'll tell him you boys need a break. You need to get out of this house. I want you to take him to a hotel, get him drunk or buy him a whore."

He held out several neatly folded bills.

Cheslav wondered for a moment if the boy would be insulted to take money from a lower class man, as if the implication was that he couldn't pay for things himself. But that was another thing that Cheslav had learned from his years in Aleksandr's employ: that the rich did not so much buy things as acquire them, and they saw no need to carry vulgar amounts of money around.

"Take care of him. Whatever he needs right now."
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